I would similar to portion here a castle in the air of mine, which has not move so yet; it is named Katikies Hotel and is sited on Santorini. When I travel, frequently I do not pay fame to the accommodation, as the finish is what matters to me. Santorini Island is a one-off place, which I notably advocate that everyone approaching to Greece visits. And Katikies Hotel is the jewel of Santorini. Therefore I have developed several benignant of fashion near this unneeded hotel!

Katikies, routine houses in Greek and is a word, which, unfortunately, cannot be in particular translated into English. I can a moment ago convey you that the language unit "katikia" provokes a opinion of heat and cosines when you comprehend it - and this is besides what Katikies Hotel is all active.

It was reinforced nigh on a decennium ago in the familiar village of Santorini, Oia (Ia), in a great position. The hotel is certainly improved on the drop-off of the Santorini and has thus fantastic seascape of the Aegean sea and the cleft land mass of Santorini. And all eventide people can extol the familiar Santorini old from their flat balconies or by the excavation of the building.

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This extravagance building is improved according to the established Cycladic architecture, next to Santorinian characteristics. The rooms & suites of Katikies Hotel gawk like short caves in the cliff, everything is whitewashed and tied beside smallest step steps. Each room of Katikies has creative token ruche and mode and tremendous scene.

If you are ready for a message of my in person submit yourself to during my hang about at Katikies, I will spoil you. I have not managed to be at Katikies yet....and nor will I be able to do that during summer 2007, as I cannot drop it. My finishing journey to South Africa, on the other hand great, left with smaller amount exchange in my mound story - but my economical stature is not that interesting, so lets get rear to Katikies!

As you can take as read from the above, Katikies is not what you would phone call a "budget hotel"....it is a deluxe hotel, contestant of the Small Luxury Hotels chain, and its rooms and suites are a bit overpriced.

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So, my fashion near started when I had tea at the overt air bon vivant eating place of the building near a friend, who was staying there, spinal column in May 2001. The time of life that followed, I practically publication a lot in the internet astir the building and deep-laid my stay at the coral isle. But I am a usual Greek and I arranged to be paid a later minute territorial division. The effect was, that Katikies hotel had nada addressable. Now I have widely read the necessity of early booking, and I advocate you all pamphlet your freedom the earliest possible, as Katikies has single 7 suite and 15 suites!

And finishing but not least, I will relate you in the order of its pool, Katikies notable eternity pool! It is tremendously impressing, as it is constructed at the circumference of the mountain.



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