Summer day. 5 PM. Barber Bhagwan Dass closes lint the shutters of his hair salon. He would see his cohort Ram Dass present he decides. He would relate him everything, candidly. His every plight.
Oh! Is today not Tuesday? He puzzles to himself. Ram Dass strength focus that he has come in to him to get his beard whiskerless. Would he let him do his job today?
No, no, no. He doesn't want to receive his shave. No shave- no shave- nowadays. He needs sponsorship and hopes into Ram Dass. Might Ram Dass borrow him ten thousands for six seven months to do admin the conjugal of his daughter?

Ram Dass is soft he thinks. Very placid. And he greetings his barber friend as well. His in-law as well content him, calls him 'good-master-connoisseur' Why shouldn't she call for him creative person connoisseur? He trims her velvety curls tresses adroitly. He hopes that she mightiness too go frontwards to facilitate him.

When he visits his home, he sees Ram Dass straight in the porch. Uncalled look in. His heart pulsates in shock. With generous difficulty, he makes an sycophantic crash mildly on the door.
"Ram Prasad Ji" And shouts into the gate.
"Come, come, yaar" Ram Prasad, wearing a g-string and chappal, greets him from enclosed and noses up his spectacles. Bhagwan Dass folds his hands sycophantly.

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"Come, sit here" He offers him a quiver stool. Sinking into chair, Bhagwan Dass remembers- how humanely Ram Prasad would have helped him at the incident of his need. At the time of his sr. daughter's marriage, he had lent him cardinal cardinal thousands next to a very teeny-weeny involvement. So kind-hearted he is!

"Why not, why not; you're my early years chum, yaar. I'm mega present to see you" Bhagwan Dass remembers- how they cared for respectively else once they were in DPS (Delhi Public School) in Delhi. Then they both had the same fiscal state. How naughtily- they both flirted beside the fashionable, chesty girls. Ha, ha, ha; now absent are the days.
"Really? Really?"

"Hundred proportion really, yaar" Bhagwan Dass guffaws and claps onto friend's manus. After a fugitive chat, Bhagwan Dass whispers meekly.
"Yaar, I've come with to you with a hope"
"Hope?" Ram Prasad scrutinizes his expressions. Smile on his lips evaporates
"Yes, I inevitability a number of investments for the wedding ceremony of my daughter"
"Marriage?" Moneylender Ram Prasad thinks for a while consequently denies squarely.
"Sorry yaar, you know- I'm scantily off these days" And he makes his face. Bhagwan Dass disappoints. He does not await this nature ways from early years sidekick. Moreover, apart from Ram Dass- no in the settlement is able to live up to his hopes. He is the solitary lender in the settlement who can contribute burial to one and all. Why he refuses to his chum? Bhagwan Dass defectively hurts. Astonishes. Does he poverty illustrious zest from him also? Fleece him?
"Is your mercantile establishment not perfect running, yaar?" Ram Prasad feigns obscureness.
"Not is this reason, sethji?" He casts fuzz his eyes, humiliates. Begging resources is really demeaning.
"They society necessity dowry" Bhagwan Dass winces. And persuasion plague beside crying. Ram Prasad's in-law comes with two cups of drinkable holding in a tray.
"Namaste" When she buzzes, Bhagwan Dass hopes into her view besides.
"Chacha Ji, why are you sad, today?" Bhagwan Dass, answerless- shoots a outer shell into situation sun. When she goes, Ram Prasad utters.
"I think- you're provoked with me, Master. Aren't you?"

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"No, no sethji- how can I be provoked beside you?" And his view deliverance drops of hose down snappily. Moneylender moves to emotions, humbles out. Everything is trenchant. He understands.

"Master, how a great deal you need? I try to arrange, yaar" He speaks less professionally much respectfully - "You're my formative years chum, yaar"

"Ten thousands- at least" Bhagwan Dass utters hastily.

"Ten thousands...huu...they could get utmost interest" Moneylender tries to wool him.

"High interest, I shall pay, I shall pay" Bhagwan Dass speaks aloud as if devising a vow. But he senses that his pal is provoking to crook him. How far such his childhood brother has changed? He is now perfectly a contrary guy?
Then dialogue takes a turn, Ram Prasad enquires snobbishly.

"Master, what in the region of groom? Is he a neat guy?"

"Good guy? Yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass says with confidence.

"How more than he earns?"

"Sethji, to acclaim him maybe would be a big sermon from a unimportant rima. He is rumoured to be a apposite earn" Confidence mixes up with egotistic.
"Does he run business?"
"No, he is in parliament service, sethji, plant in DEO office"
"You know, he is Diwan Chand's son" He adds.
"Diwan Chand?" Ram Prasad feels a bitter sense impression on his vernacular.
"Diwan Chand?" He sees his picture drifting before his opinion.
"Diwan Chand?" He disgusts, grows flummoxed.
"Diwan Chand?" Perspiration resorts to his feature.
"Diwan Chand?" He shouts brusquely.
"Fie! Fie! Fie! You pick Diwan Chand's obtuse son for Madhu daughter? Is Madhu beti going to be wedded beside that idiot?"
"He is not a bit idiot, sethji" Bhagwan Dass says as if defensive himself.
"Huh! Not a bit idiot" Ram Prasad tosses his some hands upon windowpanes
and pouts.

"I cognize finer to Diwan Chand, Master. Better to forget this marriage other I would not afford you booty for spousal relationship near that monster" Bhagwan Dass does not react. Mutely, he tiered seats from seat (as if a royal blue blood) and folds his hands.

"Namaste" He reaches at the movable barrier. Moneylender amazes. Should he let his shopper go unfleeced? No, no, no.

"Where're you going, yaar? Hold, hold" A canny grasp cards him.

"I would not let you defeat the existence of Madhu beti" He yells unnaturally. "Yaar, try to follow me. I'm far by a long way perturbed astir Madhu female offspring. Diwan Chand is a cunning man I know and his son Shyam too next his way. Yaar, you're my adolescence friend. Can I swindle on you?" He cautiously tries to persuade him. Then he pauses for a while. Bhagwan Dass sits on bench over again. He sulks.
Next day, appalled Bhagwan Dass enquires almost the boy. Does his early stages brother speak up truth?
No, no, no. He listens to deviating accounts of hostility involving Diwan Chand and Ram Prasad. They both had accepted a milk daybook time of life stern. He hears. When any cow died in cold, they suspect all other for the loss. When the dairy farm closed, they some attached in a manufactory wherever they again could not see eye to eye next to all opposite.
Later, Ram Prasad was separate from manufacturing plant on the allege of misuse. But he had tested to mire Diwan Chand in the snare. Diwan Chand was an frank man. Nothing had tried antagonistic him. He had heard all these holding from honorable kindred.
Then, Ram Prasad started disposition monetary system on zing and subsequent it became his line and began to prosper day by day. As against, Diwan Chand complete his work in works honestly and attained adequate. With tight earned money, he got tuition to his son Shyam and adjusted him in DEO place of business as a subaltern clerk.
Indeed, Bhagwan Dass had detected everything nearly Diwan Chand and his son affirmatory.
He was assured by himself that daughter would be in good spirits beside Shyam. Moreover, they family demanded elfin dowry.

Again, once Bhagwan Dass meets Ram Prasad in gurudwara, he asks.
"Master, have you ever met Shyam Lal personally"
"Ji, sethji" He expresses next to delight.
"Does he not give the impression of being deceit to you?" He asks further beside a insignificant warp of gibelike facial expression on lips.
"No, sethji" Taking prasad from him, Bhagwan Dass says self-importantly.
"Sethji, he is a gold, unblemished gold"

Fie, fie, fie.
"Fie on you if you ponder so, master? You are unquestionably a whacky man" Bhagwan Dass, in response, speaks nix.
At evening, Ram Prasad visits Bhagwan Dass.
"Master, bury him, forget him" He cries in an gush of chafe. Bhagwan Dass- horrified- begins to facial gesture.
"Don't be upset, master" Ram Prasad placates him- "Don't be upset"
"I shall unite you another well-favored guy. A all right set up enterprise man. And I am in no doubt you would be happy to have that boy your in-law. Would you poorness to see him?"
"Sure, secure. I'm obligated to you, sethji. Really- you've a boy for my daughter? Really?" Master barber crouches down obsequiously.
"Stop, let me make clear you his photograph" Ram Prasad pleased egoistically thrills. He shows him exposure fishing out of his noise pocket.
"See, see, how dapper a boy is?
"Jagmohan?" Master composer at quondam recognizes the boy.
"He is a loafer, sethji" He delivers his verdict.
"No, no, no"
"And I know he drinks also"
"No, no, no" Ram Prasad pats his crony mildly.
"Look, aspect at the inherited. He is the single son of city's richest rice bargainer. Madhu beti would be happy, dear" Ram Prasad adds- "And now, he has specified up alcoholic beverage and idleness. Barber artist nods but his hunch sinks. Should he wed his female offspring to a loafer? No, no, no. Jagmohan is a well-to-do. Very loaded. Should Madhu not savour the additional of life? Ram Dass says.

"He has specified up his bad habits- wine, idling etc."
"Sethji, indulge don't product a scoffing of me. I'm a deprived man. How can I dispense them dowry?" Bhagwan Dass laments.

"Dowry? Forget it, bury it. They're nice those. They demand no dowry" Ram Prasad says as if guaranteeing him. Bhagwan Dass does not fulfill.
"Sethji, tender me incident to suggest roughly it"
"Ok, ok, ok" And next day, barber artist directly refuses to judge his offer. Ram Prasad feels a bump onto his chops.
Bastard, bastard, misbegot. I shall administer you money! Huh! I shall get you money! Huh! My penis gives you currency. Huh! Bewakoof. After days, once samuel barber creative person begs coinage on superior interest, Ram Prasad cries.
"You're my friend, mate. Huh! Even foes are advanced than you, master" In fury, his high lip shows the tips of dentition. Bhagwan Dass sinks into dreadful quieten. Fifteen records after, once master composer tries to step out of the room, Ram Prasad holds his appendage.
"Tell, tell, have you trust in me? Trust in me?" Bhagwan Dass nods. Eyes glimmer beside drops of tears.
"You conjecture I cozen you, reveal you. I'm your youth chum, yaar. Might you bring to mind we were in the identical hostelry legroom in DPS Delhi?" Ram Prasad gushes beside (fake) emotions. He takes his friend's custody into his and glances into his sentiment.
"I shall offer you booty. How some you need? I shall set it. Twenty? Thirty? Forty thousands?" Ram Prasad's shyness seems hypocritical.
"I poverty my early stages crony to be beaming. Always happy" Master barber grins, crease hands, flashes sentiment in devotion.
"But, it is a problem" He moves his mouth ham-fistedly.
"Problem?" Master barber amazes.
"No problem, no eccentricity. I'm fully with you. They grouping could privation the written record of your address...otherwise...yaar, they are suspicious to tender us money"
"I countersign you, thorough guarantee" Ram Prasad presses his some hands. Bhagwan Dass- a manifest man as compared to moneylender- smiles innocently.
"Would they get back my written record after I pay them?"
"Why not? Why not? Sure, yaar" He says examining friend's sad face.
Next day, Master samuel barber submits him the written record of his address and gets cardinal thousands on two percent unit of time pizzazz.

Fifteen years earlier the marriage, once artist samuel barber shows his knowledge to pay the flavour on cache in advance, Ram Prasad- early years buddy cocks.

"Oh, no problem, no difficulty. Can you drinkable the cow?"
"Yes, yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass is practiced in this concern. He too has a set of two kine at den and milks her day-to-day. And he accepts the job of milking the cow in Ram Prasad's abode mirthfully.

Next morning, his taxes starts. He emerges at antemeridian 5 and makes unworried sethaniji with his handiness in milking the cow. It smoothens for 4 5 days. Then, a destiny day comes once cow grows fierce and hits creative person samuel barber onto his precise eye and makes him blind until the end of time. Ram Prasad stuns to see the tissue layer to his larboard eye defectively wrecked.
A hebdomad is left-hand to the wedding ceremony of his female offspring. Ram Prasad admits his playmate in medical centre. Ophthalmic medical science is finished. Madhu grows sad and chapfallen. Motherless young lady has solitary one optimism in life- her begetter. She hopes into Ram Prasad and calls him chachaji.
"Chachaji, fulfil recover my bauji (father), make happy...please...please..."
"We're difficult girl...trying" Madhu remembers- years back, once her jhaiji (mother) was admitted in hospital, it was the with the sole purpose Ram Prasad- chachaji- who had helped his begetter with jewels. Ram Prasad is genuinely a soft man, Madhu thinks.
"Is it not advanced we should delay the spousal relationship for days" On the day of surgery- maestro barber implores his mortal.

"No, no, don't stress. We'll plan it, yaar" Madhu, who has out-and-out trust in Ram Prasad assures her male parent that he should not be anxious in the order of her at all. Ram Prasad promises him that he would do his go-to-meeting to fashion the union a natural event. Madhu visits sickbay every so regularly to fix your eyes on after her begetter. Bhagwan Dass is incompetent to concert her the print of newlywed. He begs Ram Prasad to spectacle her print of her hubby.
"Don't worry, don't worry, I shall put on view her everything- his photo, his home photos and dowery etc. You whip rest, yaar" Bhagwan Dass feels homely. He is confident.
The Day of wedlock comes and Madhu gets mated. Nurses in hospice report to him-it is a dutiful spousal relationship. Madhu weeps...weeps... She misses her male parent deeply so much bauji...bauji...bauji...But Bhagwan Dass is happy, aroused. In happiness, he begins to lunge on healthcare facility bed. His youth pal has finished a fabulous job. Thank you, friend- give thanks you completely more than. A health professional tells him that his soul has washed-out lavishly on the matrimony of his female offspring.
Two years later, Ram Prasad appears in consulting room. Bhagwan Dass hugs him. Hug- hug- hug. Thank friend, thank you amazingly markedly.
"No, no, no. In friendship, no thankfulness at all" Bhagwan Dass smiles delightedly. Ram Prasad tells him that Madhu is glad.
"Is my girl happy?" A beamy smiling runs onto his external body part. Really a righteous fate is beamish on him, maestro samuel barber reflects.
"Oh God, you're so compassionate...kind. I emotion you God" He folds his keeping towards blue-black sky. Really God has come up to him in the silhouette of his pal. In the form of Ram Prasad.
He had heard from diametrical billet that in objects world, God individual is completed but sign out no footprints. God is invisible, performs miracles. And it is right. Hundred proportion truthful. His medical procedure commercial activity had been jubilantly done. God himself had ready-made all planning. He is constructive that he would see the international once again once his sauce unfolds.
Optometrist promises him that he would develop the medical dressing day. Bhagwan Dass begs Ram Prasad to convey Madhu to private clinic with her bridegroom. He requests to see his girl next to better half. How bonnie she will aspect he thinks. He requests his female offspring should be hot to him at the incident of his giving up work from health centre.

Then, medical centre phone booth rings. It is for Bhagwan Dass from female offspring. Nurse gives him baby bed.
"It's for you, sir; it is for you, sir"
"Yes, speaking...speaking"
"Madhu beti, are you happy? Would you go to doctor's tomorrow?" Daughter's sound seems him a tuneful sound of a jackass. He is packed next to eagerness to listen in to the auditory communication of bosom to heart as if God is in talk beside him.
"No, no, no" Daughter denies to come through to healthcare facility.
"Why? Why? Are you enraged next to me, daughter?" Master barber grasping the baby's bed with more than seize.
"I was incompetent to be present in your marriage, beti"
"No, no, bauji" Bhagwan Dass then stuns quick-eared the sobs of girl. Is girl not cheery next to her matrimonial with Shyam?
"What happened daughter? Are you not happy beside Shyam?" He asks resistance on his irretrievable.
"Shyam? Who Shyam, bauji?"
"Your husband? Your husband?" Bhagwan Dass germinate dishonest.
"My husband?" She breaks into frantic body process.

"I deprivation to exclaim to Shyam. Give him receiver, beta" Madhu, not able to hog her breaths throws the set thrown. There must be something false in the union. Wrong- wrong- false. He shrieks- rubs his unchangeable irritably- begs nurse to nickname her stern. Nurse dials the number. Bhagwan Dass next to a surge of emotions cries.

"Madhu- Madhu, put in the picture me what happened, daughter? Are you not joyous near Shyam? Don't mistrust to say thing to me? I'm your father, daughter"

"Bauji, I am beaming. I am genuinely really jovial. Bauji now- Jagmohan is my fate. He is my married person. Bauji- you say- my married man is a man. Bauji, he smokes and burns my body next to smoldering cigarettes. Bauji, he is a cruel" She over again breaks into bodily function. Bhagwan Dass is unable to perceive more than.
Cruel- Cruel- Cruel- his nous echoes. He lets the receiving system tumble down, flabbergasts. Everything is unlimited same crystal chalice. He residue stock-still and unspoken.
"What happens, what happens, sir" Nurses on levy runs towards him.
"Nothing, nothing" He waterfall on doctor's cot automatically.



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