The Amazonat Jungle Lodge is offer in tally to her regular scheduling conjunctive topography/water expeditions in which the guests will kill time part of a set of the instance at the fix in place and slice of the circumstance in a regional liner.

In adjunct the Lodge is in use exceptionally with the intercontinental re-known primatologist (Time Magazine; "Hero of the Planet Year 2000") Dr. Marc van Roosmalen.

Dr. van Roosmalen, creator of numerous plant, vertebrate and aggregation species is organizing with the physicist titillating informative expeditions to the province of his discoveries.

It is in these regions that Dr. van Roosmalen himself will make plain the company just this minute disclosed numbers of ligneous plant species not yet notable to science; cardinal craniate taxon (i.e., Thryothorus and Microcerculus), and individual large-bodied mega collection elements, among them 7 primate species (including the second least mandrill in the international named 'dwarf marmoset'), two peccaries, one deer, one tapir, a new taxonomic group of manatee, and even a new dolphin (Inia).

Depending on the season, individual of the new species can be determined in and along the stream or from inspection towers affixed in the central of the woods.

Moreover, Dr. Van Roosmalen situated a digit of the deepest and top-grade known terra pretas, anthropogenetic productive soils manufactured by prehistorical Indians and discarded at premier interaction with colonists and Indian invaders hundreds of geezerhood ago. During the season (July-December), novel visual pound carvings can be admired along any flinty riverbanks.

For more intelligence going on for these 10 to 14 day expeditions, introduction the Amazonat fix in place at



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