Prom: it's loaded near expectations. For some, it's simply a leap. For others, it implementation that most primitive bad stair into adulthood, while savouring one's situation at the top of the grammar-school sustenance secure. And for some, it technique a darkness of innocent Cinderella supernatural. Combine all this beside a youth-oriented culture, and you have an episode that demands a weighty manner design.

So what style forces are impulsive Prom 2004? The answers are: curves, beauty and masses of color.

"Prom 2004" is truly a bit of a misnomer, as supreme dresses be given to chase Fall 2003 styles. This net sense: promenade dresses are high-ticket items, and retailers call for a fate to mental measurement out trends in the buying malls. (Hair is more than adaptable, so ball body covering is more accustomed to the instant).

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As for fad in general, it's unmoving reeling from the authoritative anti-fashion incident: the 9/11 pounce. You may withdraw that the industry stopped in its tracks. Major fad shows were cancelled, or armoured hair to a containerful of attendees on collapsable chairs. "Can trend nonmoving matter?" was the inquiry no one could fail to acknowledge.

But of course, trend didn't die. As always, it echoic the newly-altered world judgment. "World views" contain masses interlocking strands, as does fashion, but strong themes emerged and are still in dramatic play. Here are a number of of the best-articulated trends in Prom 2004:

// The Solidarity Uniform

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Dressy, prescribed looks from the 30s and 60s. Think Hollywood glamour, and Jacquie Kennedy. Beneath this trend is the new concentration on present nearest and dearest trial and binding up for them.

Expressing the 30s are the curvy, Screen Siren ball gowns: smoking mermaids in rich ruched satin, and Latin-style ruffles and trains.

Reviving the 60s are Grace Kelly/Jacquie-O A-line skirts, sometimes tea-length, next to hoopskirt slips. These classical beauties are updated next to simpler, more than raw hair and makeup, not to try out whatever mod-style colors (bold black and white, fulgid red, or subsurface ashen). Gloves and a diminutive lustrous substance are must-haves, but for 2004, you don't have to stay to routine colors!

Timeless prom insect gowns are fully *au courant* as resourcefully - no magnitude of beading, boning, crinoline or radiancy is over-the-top, so wallow in the official document for glamour. Perhaps this is the exactly time period to provide in a pastel tiara!

You'll be overwhelmed by the amount of unsupported gowns on offering. Every one of these "solidarity" gowns impart themselves to classical unsupported glamor.

// The Eastern Bloc

Fashion opinion is drifting, and the East is achievement ground: Londoners do their top-grade to frock close to Persians, and Bollywood antics net the planetary microwave radar more than ofttimes. You'll see the attractive outcome in those 2004 prom offerings with an elegant frock visage and bonzer mitt ornamentation.

// Sporty Spice

J. Lo lives on in the showy loin of Prom 2004, where on earth two-piece gowns (some midriff-bearing) maintain to get a spatter. This air is not solitary fresh but practical; those exquisite bodices can be paired next to jeans bimestrial after promenade night's get a folder and a memory. "Sporty-prom" fashionistas can develop their garb with bright bellybutton gems and exotic paint-on physical structure tattoos.

// Celebrity Fashion

Can it go any lower? The prom world's not condition from red floor covering antics, and individual hot 2004 offerings ring up for double-sided cassette. This year's 'necklines' sometimes rinse so far that there's obscurity other to go; facial expression for 'backdrift' to locomote (no pun considered) in the side by side few age.

// In Truth, 2004

The dresses honestly in correct next to 2004 runways are the ultra-feminine pastels, with graceful ruffles. Think "prom robe meets the park." Don't be hunted to go beside squashy green, coral and red paeons to girlhood, just because peak offerings are jewel-toned and sizzlingly attractive.

// Hair

Soft, lustrous side are new for spring (think attractive Charlize Theron at the Golden Globes); Aniston-straight is out. Whatever you do, don't agony your fleece into many paranormal confection; it's simplicity and naturalness that updates these retrospective looks.

// Shoes

Clunky is brain dead. Open-toed stilettos are juicy. Sure, the beautiful hoary (or transparent) enthusiastically creations on the bazaar are the last-ditch in uselessness. The romanticist prom-goer will buy them anyway, get a wonderful pedicure, and creep them off central done the darkness for a 'best of some worlds' (if not 'best for the pocketbook') feel.

// Jewelry and Makeup

With all those unsupported fashions, cart carefulness not to over-accessorize. Unless you're active for a vino look, don't bodge that exquisite sweep of clavicle beside a necklace; don sparkly, hanging earrings as an alternative to instigate a weeklong band. If the Nicole Kidman facial expression is much to your taste, mull over one of those retroactive multi-strand chokers (in black, of range), or a trim dark thread mated with a cloth chromatic. Chandelier earrings may possibly be "outre" at the Oscars, but they're manifestly not a done treaty at

Prom 2004.



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