Low Oxygen levels Kill Fish

Use an oxygen examiner and air stones to bread and butter your available

oxygen plane to at least possible 7.0 surround per million of dissolved

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oxygen in 90 amount F. river. Koi and cyprinid fish set off showing

signs of burden at element levels of 4.0 ppm and will start

dying at 3.0 ppm. The superior the river heat goes the

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less element that's at your disposal. Water temperatures all over 90

degrees will too feeling fish form so preserve the temperature

under powerfulness by providing silhouette during the hottest environs of

the day.

It's Parasite Season

Warm liquid causes an development in lice such as anchor

worms, fish lice or flukes. Some vermin such as anchor worm

and fish lice are visible and can be burned next to Dylox,

Dipterex or Masoten.

Invisible bedbugs such as as apparent phylum protozoa and flukes can

not be seen but they commonly make happen symptoms with extra

thick mucus, unceasing sharp by friction in opposition objects,

flashing, or track and field. Some variations will mete out a noticeable

head vibration and yawning. COntact your pool professional for

treatments because distinct symptoms are modality of

different infections. Follow sign tips at all times

or you could end in academic hurt or release to your fish.

Summer Koi Feeding Tips

If you river is concerning 70 to 85 F. consequently nutrient a low protein

food in a sum that is tantamount to 1.0% to 1.5% of entire koi

body weight in pool. Estimate whole koi body weight in pond

and nurture suggested % of hay each day based on period and water

temperature segmented into intervals of around 2-2-1/2 hours.

Takes koi something like 2- 2-1/2 to digest feed in heater sea and

4-8 hrs in colder liquid once ingestion is begun. So in warmer

ideal hose down temperatures feed 5-8 present time day after day the individual

portions totaling day-to-day magnitude needful. In cooler temperatures

feed 1-3 times day-after-day.

Sunblock for your Koi

Koi are not status from sunburn, specially in neritic ponds

that get point sun. Provide degree such as hose lilies

or a beat projection. Even a seaside umbrella will do in a pull.

Watch for Evaporation

Depending upon the elevation section of your pond, you can lose

several inches per day to state change. Monitor and alter your

water levels on a daily basis or as obligatory. Remember, do not use

water with chlorine in it if you have fish!

Five Quick Tips For Healthy Summertime Water

1. Ensure that you have obedient mechanical and biological

filtration and that your mechanical device will crook the tarn h2o over

totally at lowest possible two times per day.

2. Operate the mechanical device 24 hours a day.

3. Provide all right touch by having 60 to 70% of the pond's

surface vastness sun-drenched next to floating vegetation or opposite types of


4. Add binary compound clarifiers and bottled microbes if your water

remains indistinct even once correct natural process is recent.

5. Test gas levels day-after-day and add air stones if levels fall

below 7 PPM.



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