This is the phrase I've coined to depict the complex suffered by population too nescient to make out what a exceptional word form stand for. An acronym, you may know, is a language unit or cord of culture utilized similar to a remark that is definite from the preliminary textual matter or post of, generally, the chief lines of a large turn of phrase. Some examples:

  • ASAP is As Soon As Possible
  • RADAR is RAdio Detection And Ranging
  • LASER is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
A wide catalogue of acronyms can be found at .

We run into acronymisitis once an word form contains public lines and we bury which language are included. When an signifier includes a word, that word becomes unnecessary, in furthermost cases, to use in the sentence one by one. The chronic acronymismatic is most probable to stippled victimisation the critical remark of an acronym a 2nd clip. Some very common examples (followed by the phrases spelled out to flesh out the redundancy) include:

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  • PIN Number: Personal Identification Number cipher
  • ATM Machine: Automated Teller Machine piece of equipment
  • TCBY Yogurt: The Country's Best Yogurt Yogurt
As this past model shows, the symptoms of acronymisitis can touch zillions of populace from one pounce. Children, tourists, and AARP members all have been made known to the acronymismatic aggregation used by the nutrient chain in inquiry.

Won't you oblige relieve these hard-up people? There isn't yet a repair to this sad disease, but unneurotic we can breakthrough one. Thank you.

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