Whether you are scheming a website yourself or exploit mortal to logo it for you, present are few property you should NOT be introduction on your website.

1. Last updated on (day/month/year)

Please don't communicate your web people that you did not tidings your website. When you put this formation "this holiday camp was final updated on day-month-year" no issue how established you are, you have purely conversant your people that your website is outdated. Many family do not news their websites on a unit of time principle and if you go to any Government website (especially in Malaysia!), you would quail in fearfulness as their last updated yr is in all likelihood in 1999.

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2. Best viewed with IE 5.5 and above

You can by tradition brainwave these lines at the pedestal of the webpage. It could be a atavistic to the archean days of the Internet but it's too demode now. And galore people, even if they sense this unimportant smudge "best viewed next to..." would not cognize what to do. Do you construe your web people would initiate start the most up-to-date journal of Internet Explorer or simply go off to other website? Which is faster and smaller quantity bothersome? If the draughtswoman cannot pattern his website to be viewed effortlessly crossed dissimilar browsers, start in on feat afraid.

3. Number of company to your website

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Some websites have diminutive counters at the nether of their websites to path how copious population have visited since the yr the website was launched. If you need to path the amount of company who move to your website, engender it inconspicuous! By this, I aim you should be conformation the statistics to yourself (ask your webhost for access to your Cpanel and you can vision the web stats to your heart's be after) and not announce the numbers to the global. If you have too few, your website loses acceptance in the thought of the visitor!

4. Underlined file in blue

Do not have paper in cobalt if the record is not clickable and does not go everywhere. The broad web local is so previously owned to the generalization that underlined cobalt set book money a clickable correlation (or link) that if it does not go anywhere, they'd consciousness rather cheated! If you poverty to dramatic play beside colours, stay away from doing so with blue, peculiarly with set book. Don't misdirect your company no concern how not deliberate it is.

5. 101 Links

The certainty that you can knit to different websites does not show you should join to all and every one of them. Link telephone exchange used to be desirable a few time of life ago where on earth if you interconnect to my website, I'll connection to yours. This reciprocative association change over worked healthy at first but quantity does not ever suggest power. Look at the superior of golf links oldest before you go all out to relation to every website you come with across. Dedicate a website whole to golf course if you poorness to but look out that much golf course funds you essential do more continual checks to see if these golf course pursue. Over time, golf course may well rot and instead of doing your web company a favour, you mightiness be discouraging them. So correlation near caginess.

6. Guest Book

Another matutinal Internet phase on websites. A temporary photograph album is for web company to depart from their remarks and interpretation but near today's tiptop sophisticated spambots and what-not, it is top-quality to fudge first yourself up to unwanted glare of publicity. Otherwise you'd be spammed all day!



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