Juan Valdez is a invented guise who was created in 1959 to imply the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Columbia, founded in 1926.

He is one of the maximum au fait faces in the publicity world, near his moustache, sombrero, cloak and his trustworthy mule, Lana.

In the most basic commercials, Juan Valdez utilized to locomote in circles in the beverage fields, pick the mellow coffee berries beside his custody. He was a idiom typical of thousands of Colombian "cafeteros", or "caficultores". At the aforementioned time, his representation histrion a marvellous buy and sell of disapproval on its boulevard to happening.

The actual cafetero in the untimely life of Juan Valdez lived in dire poverty. Anti-government guerrillas and narcotics traffickers dying out his merely insecure existence. Poisonous DDT was sprayed on his potable fields, often, shockingly, spell he and other cafeteros were at drudgery. The National Federation failing to be a sign of these horrors.

In subsequent ads, Juan Valdez touched from the beverage fields to the American housewife's kitchen, handing her a individualized bag of new prepared potable beans.

In TV commercials, Juan Valdez was prototypal vie by actor Jose Duval. Because Duval was no longer felt to be representative, Carlos Sanchez of Medellin took his point in 1969. In the 1980s, the Juan Valdez commercials used Rolls Royce cars and additional residences. In the 1990s, a new dictum was devised: Grab being by the beans. Dynamic pictures showed Juan Valdez surfriding or snowboarding. In the behind nineties, however, Juan Valdez disappeared from the common people eye for several eld. The Colombian command had drastically cut backmost on packaging.

In 2000, Juan Valdez, in the mortal of Carlos Sanchez, reappeared. Andres Pastrana, President of Columbia, awarded him the shiny go over medal for national earn.

In December of that year, the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia agape its freshman "Juan Valdez" Coffee mercantile establishment in Bogota airfield. Juan Valdez appeared in the motion picture "Bruce Almighty" at a disbursement to the Federation of $1,5 a million.

At the instance of handwriting (2004), the allegory of Columbian coffee is provoking to form a brainwave into North America. The front "Juan Valdez" potable private house was wide-eyed in September 2004 in Washington, and the second, one time period later, in New York.

Ultimately, Juan Valdez is aiming at Seattle, the intuition of American coffee-making. Starbucks officials stated they do not knowingness vulnerable by the notorious moustache man. Gabriel Silva, commissioner of the Columbian Federation, aforementioned in return that the Federation would not go as far as having 8,000 or 10,000 Juan Valdez outlets, as their opposition intends.



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