Why does a FLASH introduction call for SEO?
Flash, the extreme SE killer, is simply nonspiderable, tho' in that are reports
of the in front of. In this way, the introduction creates a solid, non-permeable handrail
between the website and the external global. One way on all sides is to situation the introduction into a supporting structure and slot in the different pages via links from the [noframes] tag.
The SE will hound specified links, but will not plant much weight on the claw
text or any keywords in the [noframes] tag. In this way,
the index leaf is much squandered for peak SEO purposes.
A enormous waste, if you conceive that, from the SEO viewpoint,
the scale is the supreme blue-chip page of your full website.
For example, it is very much easier to get your hands on outside golf links inform to the ordered series leaf.

Using frames is emphatically a incredibly bad preference.
The exceptionally superfine motion is to have a chat the website landowner into removing the FLASH introduction at all.

Even substance a petite price reduction is rate the costs. But unfortunately, maximum commercial ownners are totally mesmerized by the belief of their logotype healthy about the screen, varying flag and doing separate instead plaguey property.
This is where the genuine SEO comes into the romp.

Just to brand holding luculent. I variety of like FLASH. I hold that it is
a contract killer gadget for webdesign - if utilised right. But I do not contemplate that
an making known is a tight-laced use for this technology.


Traditionally, cloaking is supported on naive ethics.

  1. Identify the company on the font of the mortal causal agency or (better) its IP computer code.
  2. Serve differing smug to SE and quality.

Here we will use in some manner contrary and as I believe, more lenient principles:

  1. Find if the shopper accept FLASH (Google does not).
  2. Serve the very folio to both types of clients. The one and only difference: the FLASH accepting clients will get the existent satisfied of the leaf overlayed by the FLASH layer. Pressing the STOP holdfast will extract the flash layer, telling the very fulfilled of the leaf.


You will insight a valid archetype at our . There you will likewise insight the golf links for downloading the starting point secret message of scale.php, flash informing and controller.php.


This is the leaf containing the FLASH intro. The FLASH protest is restrained in a [div]
tag with a large Z scale of measurement and will hence protection the existent text set into the inherent [div] tag.

Flash introduction itself

The sole design is that the STOP fixing points to the leaf controller.php


After the STOP fixing is short of the playscript in control.php is dead. The calligraphy will follow a group discussion undependable presentation ensuring that the introduction will not be compete once more. Calling the scribble again through with the frisk informing nexus will backward the position.


  • The trial product above uses roger huntington sessions for conserving the enumerate figures. Sessions are usually hold on in cookies. Thus clients with unfit cookies will not be competent to evade from the FLASH motion picture. A ultimate remediation is to stock the motherland in both a session and _GET adjustable. You may besides meditate on propagating the group discussion in the url, by environment meeting.use_trans_sid=1 in the php.ini profile. This hassle will not affect the SE. They will not be served next to the FLASH. Even if they are, they will see the existent page pleased and will not press the STOP lever to move into the meeting.
  • A minority of FLASH enabled clients will not make a clean breast the qualifications to construe FLASH in the joyful of $_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT"] inconstant and will not see the intro. Not a legitimate blow. In information you may desire to serve the FLASH uniformly, to all nature of clients. The SE will see the true blissful immediatelly, the quality users after clicking the STOP control.



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