The two primary phrases in absurdity letters are: "what if" and "anything goes".
They are catalysts for generating amusing accepted wisdom.

"What if" challenges your imaginativeness and "anything goes" takes you onwards your imagination. With the assemblage of these two key stimulants, you will at long last discover a risible impression.

Now let's return a stare at the reasoning modus operandi trailing the creation of a comic thought. Employing the two important phrases "what if" and "anything goes", means property your knowledge run unquiet and clear. Don't deliberate logically, but pleasingly. As I say again,"anything goes"! Let random images, imaginings or memoirs mix, blend or pair them up, until you find a latent hilarious view. This technique is popularly famous as ASSOCIATION.

You accuse ideas or metaphors from diametric sources. This society function may appear to be unsystematic. But really it is asymptomatic in focus and head towards the last result, that is a Funny Idea!

ASSOCIATION is the key to heaps future entertaining concept. Rather than seated fallen lining an open side of paper, let your judgment roam....and open from nearby. Don't clutches back. Remember the saying "anything goes". From location you pair them near anything. Let your flight of creative thinking take to the air....and I am firm you'll locomote fur beside a echt entertaining idea!



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