Chuck and I got enmeshed in our initial car hammer once we lived in Rochester and had our Corvette.

We had a blast. Met a large agglomeration of people, did a ton of events. In fact I can motionless recollect our first episode. It was a car assemble and Chuck and I got the 2d situate award.

However, same any group, we had cliques. Now, don't get mad at me for the monikers that are forthcoming. They have been say a long-dated event and I didn't fashion them up.

All of the shadowing groups emotion their cars, just each in a antithetic way. First nearby are the polishers. Their cars are pristine. They will use toothbrushes to get their batteries cleansed.

I stingy you could eat a lunchtime off their engines. You won't breakthrough a description of particulate matter on the outside, internal of their cars, and in includes the engine and trunk.

The racers, judge in a water-washed and bright car, however, their chief concern is POWER. They impoverishment to get the utmost they can from their engines. It is all roughly having the fastest car!

Funny aside, once Chuck and I went to the NCCC convention they were bounteous away a LT1 engine and once the power tool at our table won it, you had to hear the racers. We wished him the best, but told him we were jealous, and we were. Would have adored to put that babe in our Corvette.

Then we have the groups who acknowledge path rods, hot rods, contractor cars, or antiques are the way to go. There are likewise those who acknowledge in all original, no changes. However, you too have another drove that doesn't worry astir it, as yearlong as the car is what they poverty.

We emotion a nice unused and glossy car, while we would similar to twinned numbers and all original, if an aftermarket piece is right we will use it. To Chuck and I it is nearly having fun beside the car. We privation to thrust it, not dawdler it. However, we e'er have believed in the motto "to all his own" and duty other people's opinions.

One situation we all have in common, is the care of cars and that is all that is of the essence.

So what cluster do you plummet in? Drop us a procession and let us know.

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